Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New stuff.

And if you follow ted's blog, new stuff is good stuff. A few weeks ago I picked up this beauty in a one in a million craigslist return call. I got it because I was willing to get on the subway at 10:30 and ride all the way north to finch station. Guy was a super nice old roadie, not a crackhead. Awesome. Oh yeah did I mention it cost $300? rad.

I also started working on a pet project of mine making old school toe straps. Im not sure if the latigo im using is strong/unstretchable enough and might have to find a better leather. Anyone know what kind of leather toe straps are made of? lookin pretty though.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Long sory short with the last post, a lady ran a stop sign at an intersection and we.... intersected. I flew over the hood, destroyed my front wheel, and landed on my ass. barely worse off than I started. In fact, a new, Identical $50 front wheel and these bruises are all I have to say for the incident. Well, except WEAR YOUR FUCKING HELMET.