Friday, February 27, 2009

Trixie review

As I said earlier, Id give a little review of the pedros "trixie" and here it is. The trixie does a good amount of jobs. It has a 15mm box wrench for your axle nuts, a 6mm hex key for headset/stem adjustments (at least in my case). some smaller box wrench cutouts, a bottle opener, and last but not least, a lockring tool. this is a wonderfull tool and I have no complaints. Well, maybe one. Why is the sharp-assed bottle opener right where you put the most torque when your trying to pull a stubborn lockring? Seriously, it couldnt be on the other side? what the fuck? major design flaw in my opinion since its so obvious. The 15mm box wrench kinda sucks a little since the insides arent chamfered and it can be tricky to slip on. My recomendation, Its good for travel, and not much else. 

Plans for ugly

So ive come to a realization here. I am not a racer. I am not tricker. Is that word? Anyways, I love my bike. If I got to know it, I'd probably love your bike too. I love riding my bike. But what is it for? Going to work, the beer store, the salvation army, you get the picture. So I'm gonna make my bike more effecient for these simple endevors. This sunday, nursing a hangover im sure, I'm going to go to the sallys and look for a piece of shit BMX with a 1 1/8 threadless stem and pop that and its bars on my bike and then get a front rack. I'll probably promptly rattlecan it green or purple of some shit. Later I'll get some plastic platform pedals and screw some atb clips to it. VIOALA! junkyard racer! Sounds like a plan.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polo bike is DONE. (sorta)

So as you can see, my polo bike is finally up and running. Not running well, but running. Can't wait to get this ugly bastard out for a game.

P.s. Heres a snippet of a conversation with a coworker about bike polo:

Me: Basically you ride around in circles, trying to hit a tiny ball with a stick.

Her: And this is fun?



Today I got up early, Blearily looked at the computer screen for half an hour, thought about eating, had a cigarette and headed out the door. On my way to work I stopped at bikes on wheels. Do'h! not open until 11. Headed over to urbane and proceded to spend to much money on a chainwhip, a pedros "trixie", a Dura-ace lockring, and a fancy new cycling cap. Also talked to one of the girls there about getting Sillgey piccolo bikes. She thought it was a great idea because theres no canadian distributors. Those frames are so cute!

You heard me. I bought a cycling cap. AKA a "Casquette". JUST LIKE A REAL COURIER!! OMGWTFBBQGREENDEEPVEEEEEEE'S!!! pff. I'm sorry but I hate the idea of being judged a "poser" for wearing a certain type of hat. What am I posing as exactly? A guy on a bike? I am a guy on a bike. When im on my bike at least. Anyhow, GOD DAMN is it comfy! And It keeps out the sun. Pictures and reviews of the trixie to follow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Words I hate.

"Fixie" I cant even explain my irrational hatred for this word, but its there.

"Track Bike" I only hate this when referred to bikes that couldnt be track bikes in their wildest dreams. Putting a fixed wheel on a department store road bike from the 80's does not a track bike make.

I just heard a customer say "fixie" and "track bike" in the same sentence. He was referring to his "tricked out" conversion. My head asploded.


On a whim, I rode to work today. It. Was. Beautifull. I forgot what I was missing. I defenitely need to change my gear ratio from 38/16 to 38/14 though. Feels like treading water sometimes. This plus french press coffee equals awesome. Todays payday, and since I didnt get out at 5:30 like I was supposed to yesterday, maybe I'll get out early enough to buy a wheel for the polo bike, a lockring, and a chain/lockring tool. fingers crossed!

Call me when it's over.

Winter has been kicking my ass this year. I've been sick for about 60% percent of it, and I dont have anything resembling cold weather cycling clothes or even fenders. This combined with the fact that my boss so generously decided to give me free metropasses for 5 months of winter means I have not been on the bike near as much as I'd like too. Also, I'm dirt poor and dont have money for tires that arent slicks (shutup tom). But change is in the wind, spring is coming and it's time to start commuting in a way that won't make me want to kill everyone in half an hour. So, you may be wondering, what do you do if you can't ride and want to badly? OBSESS OF COURSE. In the last month ive tried about six handlebar/stem combos trying to find the perfect fit and I landed right back where I started at short riser stem and chopped riser bars. I still want a new stem as my current was a crap metal no name that came with the bike. Bmx for sex please.

I'n other news, my polo bike is "almost" complete. I'm getting a new wheel this week thats going on my commuter, and the polo is getting the hand me downs. I dont know how this happened, but it has got to be the ugliest bike ive ever seen.  It will work, acceptably, for a polo bike a least. It  needs a new BB, new cranks, new headset, etc. etc. I happen to know next to nothing about headsets and BB's so im in for a fun time fixin this up. There goes all my pride in myself for learning how to repair/dismantle/rebuild my bike.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tubular-Clincher tires.

So maybe this is old hat, and im just the last guy on the boat, but has anyone heard of these? TUFO Tubular-Clincher tires. From what I can garner, They have all the benefits of a tubular (super high psi, hard as a rock, no pinch flats) without having the drawbacks of having to glue them down and whatnot. Did I mention 175psi!!? has them, some as low as $42.95, here.