Friday, April 24, 2009

lets see how slow I can do this.

See? this is what happens when I start a blog. I never update it. The last few weeks have been getting progressivly warmer, and true to my hopes people have been coming out for rides. There was a big ol' tofixd meet an greet with some nasty hills up to st clair and some crazy spinning back down. My bmx pedal experiment is a flop, my feet are not secure enough. That being said, with my slightly lower than normal gear ratio, I unclipped on the ride down and had to coast brakeless for what felt like a kilometer. So I put a brake back on. 

The next week we went on a ride to a viaduct up north and dicked around. Everybody got awesome shots but me. I dont own a camera lol. Go see whats up on

In other news, I'm buying a 24" bmx cruiser. The minimal amount of air and fun shit to ride off really made me hungry for some jumps. Not to mention not wincing every time I drop two feet expecting my bike to break into four or five pieces. I'm gonna run a suicide hub on it dont you worry. Actually, start worrying. Did you hear that? I think its the hater train coming around the bend!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april 1st

Man, FUCK today. So much shit went wrong its not even frustrating anymore. It's gotten hilarious. I went to grab my bluetooth headphones this morning and yep! theyre broken! They broke in the same spot my wifes pair did. Then I pedal on to work. In the rain, no biggie, I have fenders now. I feel a weird popping wobbling in my lef pedal and notice, HEY! my crank arm is loose! I slowly pedal a block debating what to do when suddenly it pops off. Ok, Im going to urbane. A 8? mm allen key is just abiut the only thing I dont have in my bag. Get a nice chap I met playing polo to wrench it on tight for me and head to work. My 20 minute commute to work took a god damn hour. and of course blahblahblahblahblahworksuchwhateva. I really wish tofixd would get its act together and put a group ride up. /rant.